NeoStrata Co., Inc. (H Q), Princeton

Perfumes, cosmetics and other toilet preparations
Type of business: Head Office

08540, NJ, Princeton, 307 College Rd. E., NeoStrata Co., Inc. (H Q)
United States
+1 800 636-7872
Phone number
+1 609 520-0849 (FPS)
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Extra activities

Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing
NAICS (US 2012)
Perfumes, cosmetics and other toilet preparations
SIC (US 1987)
Toilet Preparation Manufacturing
NAICS (US 2012)

Executive information

T. R.
Cust. Serv. Representative
K. D.
M. S.
Chief Executive Officer and President
B. S.
Chief Executive Officer - Neostrata Ltd.
E. V.
R. Y.
B. G.
Vice President, Technology and Clinical Affairs
L. C.
Vice President, International
S. H.
Other Title
B. M.
Executive Director of Sales
M. B.
Director, US Professional Sales
M. M.
Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager
N. P.
Director of US Marketing
H. S.
Vice President, Worldwide Operations; VP Operations
M. S.
Human Resources and Finance Manager
R. W.
Vice President Research and Development
M. S.
General Manager, Manufacturing Operations
K. L.
VP Finance and Human Resources